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You may be looking for Light my fire, an achievement in Dead Island.

Light My Fire is a hard difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Trevor Cohen in Dead Island.


The Hero is asked by Trevor to search a cave on a nearby beach for signal flares that may have washed ashore with recent shipwrecks.


  • Talk to Trevor to start the quest.
  • He wants you to gather some flares from a rocky cave nearby where some ships got shipwrecked. The survivors at the Lighthouse want to use them to signal for help when it arrives.
  • Exit the Lighthouse, go past Javier and take a left once you reach the HELP sign.
  • Follow the winding path down the side of the Lighthouse. On the way you'll encounter multiple Infected and Walkers so be ready to fight them off.
  • The path will start to level off once you reach the bottom, going past a pick-up that somehow got on top of a billboard. Travel parallel this truck until you see the entrance to the caves. There's a lot of Infected here, so be on your toes.
  • Inside the caves there's once again a load of Infected, some Walkers, a couple of Thugs and, if you've reached the point in the main quest line, some Suiciders will also be there.
  • There's a total of four flare bundles that you need to find. They are usually on top of wrecked boats inside of open red toolboxes. You may need to use the environment or some of the wooden crates scattered around to get onto the boats, but your minimap marks them for you if you struggle to find one.
  • One you've grabbed them all, head back to the top of the Lighthouse, talk to Trevor and hand over the flares to complete the quest.


  • Infected are abundant all the way through this quest, and they'll be the main zombie you have to fight, so be ready.
  • The flares are marked by hand pickup icons on your map and minimap to help you find where they are.
  • If you've already completed the main quest Black Hawk Down, you can go the same way, past the helicopter wreck and around the point to reach the other exit of the cave, past Bunker 04 and through the open gate to reach the back exit. This is useful for avoiding the large amount of Infected you meet if going the other way.
  • You can also use the car at the Lighthouse to drive to the cave via the road, but this is far longer and not really worth the effort and time it takes to do it.
  • Several metal chests are scattered inside the caves.
  • Medium MedKits are on some of the boats.
  • There's propane tanks in the caves that you can use on groups of zombies.
  • Using fury against the zombies inside the cave comes in handy to get in and out quickly, or at least clearing the area..



  • After collecting all four flares, the dotted white line on the radar may disappear. Re-selecting the quest in the quest menu will fix this.
  • Flares may disappear from your inventory if you are killed. Reloading (fast traveling around, moving to the sewers or Moresby) may fix this bug.
  • Flares will sometimes fall through the boat, making your quest marker point you towards the boat even though the flare is right in front of you or is already in your inventory. The only way to fix this is to exit the game and return to your last checkpoint.
  • The dotted white line tells you to go somewhere near bunker 4 however it will be blocked you have to go the other way after completing the quest in is unblocked.

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