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The Lifeguard Tower is the second Safe House the Hero encounters in Dead Island. The leader of the survivors there is John Sinamoi. While the survivors here are eager to leave Banoi, they feel that it is necessary to wait for the military to help them. This is why they do not join forces with the survivors at the Lighthouse, who do not feel like waiting. After the Heroes go to the Prison, it is unknown what happened to them after the events of Dead Island.


The Lifeguard Tower is a fully enclosed, large building in the Resort. It consists of a short driveway leading to the main building, which has a large downstairs area and an open upstairs area with wide balcony to watch over the beach and water. The downstairs area consists of a garage, first aid room, toilets and office area. When you first arrive, the area is overrun with zombies, but when the survivors move in, they clean up the bodies and remove the blood and bits to keep it somewhat hygienic. The garage has a workbench while the office area is a good source of computer related parts.

There's a large set of stairs leading upstairs to the roof and central dish, with a wide open wooden floored walkway all around with good views of the beach and sea. The upstairs room has a few computers to loot, as well as the fast travel map.

Associated quests[]


  • There's a glitch where all the throwable propane tanks from the outside area of the Tower will disappear once the Tower is secured as a safe house, likely because the survivors cleared them away. However, if you walk over to where they spawn, you'll find that there's still collision for them despite them no longer being there. You can't pick them up or detonate them, but you'll be stopped if you try and walk where they were.
  • When returning to the tower in Act II, there is a glitch where you can hear a woman coughing, but none of the survivors inside the complex are actually coughing. This was Anne, the woman Jack needed the Hero to get medical supplies for in Life in the Bag. Anne died shortly after the quest was completed, so this must have been an oversight by developers.
  • There's a working vending machine in the office where Kelly and Max are located.
  • In the book, the Lifeguard Tower is nowhere to be seen. Instead, it is replaced with a small, crude wooden shack with outdated equipment in a small box and an old radio. There's basic living arrangements, such as a camp bed and small kitchen area, but it's described as far smaller, and only Sinamoi lives there, with no other survivors seen or mentioned.
  • This is the first time you'll meet and have to fight a Thug.
  • You can see Oceanic Flight 1012 fly overhead after first opening the hatch up to the roof during Exodus.