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Lazarus Rising is a very easy difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Hank in Dead Island.


The Hero must search the area near the Lifeguard Tower and bring 4 Car Parts to Hank.


  • This is an easy quest to complete.
  • Talk to Hank to start the quest. He's located in the Lifeguard Tower in the garage next to the car.
  • He can get the car running again but needs the parts. He claims that all he needs are some new spark plugs to get it running again.
  • Simply walk out of the main gate to the Lifeguard Tower and start to gather car parts.
  • The parts appear as L shaped metal tubes in the open bonnets of abandoned cars.
  • Once you have four of them, head back to Hank and hand them over to complete the quest.


  • Even after the you complete the quest, the car parts will be available for you to collect, although you won't be able to give any to Hank.
  • They can, however, be sold to merchants.
  • If you save and reload or leave a vehicle's vicinity for a while and return it will have another car part available. As such you don't need more than one car to provide all the necessary parts.
  • Despite Hank stating that the car needs new spark plugs to work, you actually just collect four random pieces of tubing and it seems to work anyway.
  • There is a delay between completing the quest and the car working again. If you complete one of the other quests and then return to Hank, you should be able to talk to him and the car will then be unlocked for you to use.
    • Reloading the game will not unlock the car. You must complete a quest for it to work.
  • After talking to Hank for the second time to unlock the car, the next time you enter the Lifeguard Tower he will have disappeared, leaving his whereabouts unknown. He is never mentioned again or seen anywhere else in the game.


  • Like all of the other vehicles that can be randomly found all over Banoi, its license plate says "D34D 1574ND", which stands for Dead Island. They have generic number plates in the Definitive Collection however.
  • The name 'Lazarus Rising' is a reference to the biblical story of St. Lazarus of Bethany. Jesus restored St. Lazarus' life after he had been declared dead, four days earlier.

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