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Last Will is an easy difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Terrance Barker in Dead Island.


The Hero must deliver Terrance's last will and testament to his family.


  • You'll hear Terrance calling out nearby to the Police Station when you first near the location. Talk to him to start the quest.
  • He'll tell you that he was bitten and wants you to take his will to his remaining family in the Church.
  • Take the will from him and travel back to the Church. This can be done at any time, so keep the quest in mind for the next time you're at the Church.
  • When at the Church, head up the stairs in the corner near the entrance and talk to Raymond up there.
  • He'll take the will off you and after thanking you he will give you your reward.


  • If you travel back to where you found him after taking the quest, he will be missing with just a patch of blood there, indicating that he turned and wandered off looking for food.
  • You'll probably receive this quest while travelling to the Pump Station during the main quest Drowned Hope, at which point you can either double back to quickly turn in the quest while the roads are cleared of zombies, or you can carry on to the Pump Station to complete the quest and turn in this one when you drive back to the Church.
  • If you return to his location, his body will be gone, meaning he either turned and his zombie wandered off, or his body was eaten by some zombies and dragged somewhere.

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