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Lady in Trouble is a medium difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Mother Helen in Dead Island. This quest takes place after you return from the Town Hall, where Jin has told them that she is supplying the Police Station, no matter what the Heroes tell her.


The hero must go to the police station and find Jin and the armored truck.


  • Talk to Mother Helen to start the quest.
  • She explains that Jin and Joseph have gone to the police station to help the Raskol thugs and have not returned. She insists that the Heroes go look for the pair and retrieve the armoured car.
  • Exit the Church and head down the stairs towards where the armoured truck normally is.
  • You will find Joseph lying beside the wall, having been severely beaten.
  • Joseph explains that Jin has been kidnapped by the police station thugs, who beat him and left him outside the station. He asks the Hero to rescue Jin, giving them a key that will allow them to access the police station via the Sewers.
  • To get into the Sewers, the game will direct the player to a manhole far to the South, near Nick's Hub. However, a far quicker route is to use the sewer entrance in the canal nearest the Church, which is closer by land and places the Hero further along inside the Sewers.
  • Alternatively, an even faster route is to use the manhole directly outside the Police Station. This can be especially beneficial if you want to see what wares the Merchant, Cahaya Dian, is selling.
  • Either way, after a brief trek through the Sewers, the Hero will arrive in the police station underground car park.
  • The lower areas of the Police Station, up to the cells, are populated by zombies. Hold off on using your gun here if you have one as you'll need it for the punks later.
  • Most of the zombies you'll find are Walkers, with a few Thugs (one specifically is in the cell security office) as well as a few Infected in the cells area.
  • Fight through them until you reach the armoury and reception area.
  • From here on out, the rest of the station is populated by punks.
  • Fight through the both the lower and upper floor of the police station, following the quest marker, until you reach the office of the police chief.
  • There's around eight punks, including the gang leader Rage Machine. He is slightly tougher than the other enemies as he uses a rifle and has slightly higher health, but a few headshots will take him out easily.
  • Once you go to activate the office door, a cutscene will play.
  • After the cut scene is finished, the Hero will be placed back at the Church steps.
  • Head back into the Church to talk to Mother Helen and finish the quest.


  • You can find two firearms in two specific lockers in the armoury. These weapons are usually high-leveled varieties of rifles or shotguns.
    • These lockers will refill with new firearms if the level is reloaded (e.g.: exiting back to the city or exiting and then continuing the game), which can be exploited to acquire powerful firearms at a point in the game when these kind of weapons are still very rare to obtain.
  • You can easily complete the side quest Imprisoned for Life when you come through here to rescue Reza.
  • The Hot Rod Mod is located just out the front of the Police Station if you didn't already grab it while going to the Pump Station during the main quest Drowned Hope.
  • The Pistol Ammo Recipe can be found in the cells control room with the Thug.


  • The title of this quest is a rewording of the phrase "damsel in distress".
  • After this quest is complete, if you walk past Mother Helen, she will mention Joseph's death.
  • After you talk to Joseph, the game marks one of the Sewer entrances near near Nick's Hub. One reason for this is that after the abandoned house is cleared, side quests that must be completed in the Police Station become available (once the appropriate point in the main quest line has been reached). Since Nick's Hub includes a Fast Travel point there is no reason not to clear it now and get the side quests if this hasn't already been done.
  • During the cutscene with Jin, a Fast Travel map can be seen hanging on the wall, however the Hero will never be able to use it.


  • On rare occasions, if you kill the first punk before he takes cover, the punks in the next room won't spawn and the doors will not open, making it impossible to finish the mission. Reloading from the last checkpoint fixes this issue.

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