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The LA 24 News Office is a location featured in Dead Island 2. It is the main office for the LA 24 Hour News station, which broadcast as long as they could during the outbreak.

The Slayers first come here during the side quest Scooped!, when Esta Navarro and her friend Nora are trapped in the offices by several Butchers. The Slayers find out what happened to other survivors in the office before rescuing Esta and Nora, who move on in their search for more information about the outbreak.

The office itself covered the outbreak as it occurred, making a pledge to remain on air for as long as they could to help direct people to evacuation points and give updates on how far the outbreak, and therefore zombies, had spread to. When the zombies reached the office, they broke in and caused LA 24 Hour News to finally go offline.




  • The LA 24 News Security Pass can be found next to a dead security guard in the reception area on the ground floor.
  • The Server Room Safe Key can be found next to a dead body in an upper floor office. The safe contains Cash and is found in the basement server room.