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"Kwon With the Wind" is the eighth story quest featured in Dead Island 2.


Rescuing Jessie Kwon at the local construction site, the Slayer discovered Michael had fled to Monarch Studios. The Slayer travelled to the studio lot to find him, battling through a dead zone to reach the movie lot.


The Slayer travelled to the construction site atop the hill to find Jessie Kwon. Kwon was found inside the house, who accidentally trapped herself in the house after she lured zombies to the site with loud music. After shutting off the music and rescuing her, the Slayer discovered that while Kwon distracted the zombies with the music, Anders left to Monarch Studios, a movie lot, to acquire an important item.

With this discovery, the Slayer decided to follow Anders to Monarch Studios, battling through a dead zone (a zone uncontrolled by the military) to reach the lot.


  • Look for Jessie uphill at the construction site. Find the house where Jessie Kwon is located.
    • Leave the mansion via the front gate.
    • Walk up the hill and enter the first house on the left.
  • What's all the noise? Find the source of the noise. It is revealed the music is coming from a speaker on the house's second floor balcony.
  • Look for Jessie inside. Find Jessie Kwon inside the house.
    • Enter the house via the front door.
    • Travel through the first floor of the building, disarming shotguns before triggering tripwires.
    • The stairs to the second floor is blocked with an electrical hazard. Enter the neighbouring room.
    • Remove the battery from the generator to deactivate the power. Climb the stairs to the second floor.
    • Travel through the second floor of the house until Jessie's voice can be heard. Find the room she is trapped in. She is inside a closet and zombies are banging on the door.
  • Kill the noise. Go to the balcony. Destroy the speaker using any weapon, turning off the music.
  • Rescue Jessie. Kill the zombies attempting to enter the closet. Enter the closet and find Jessie inside. Jessie will reveal Michael left to Monarch Studios.
  • Follow Michael to Monarch Studios. Travel to Monarch Studios to follow Michael.
    • Leave the construction site.
    • Go to the south end of Beverly Hills, where the exit to Monarch Studios is located.
    • Clear the path to Monarch Studios. The gate to Monarch Studios is protected by Col. Evans, Pvt. Kramer, Maj. Ryan and unnamed zombies. Defeat all zombies to progress. One of the zombies will drop the Dead Zone Keycard needed to unlock the door.
    • Open the Security Gate. Once all zombies have been killed, use the keycard to unlock the gate.
    • Fight through the Dead Zone to Monarch Studios. Travel through the path to the end of the "Dead Zone."
      • Water jerrycans or fire hydrants can be used to extinguish the flames.
      • Batteries can be taken from cars to electrocute zombies with water puddles.
      • Interact with the zone exit to travel to Monarch Studios.
    • Walk along the path and approach the entrance to the movie lot.


  • This portion of the storyline introduces the following:
    • tripwire traps requiring the shotgun to be disarmed.
    • three named zombies: Pvt. Kramer, Col. Evans, and Maj. Ryan.
    • one curveball, the pipe bomb.
    • one character, Jessie Kwon.


  • The name of the quest is a reference to the classical novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.