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To stand among us, you must prove you are worthy.
— Koritoia Ope

Koritoia Ope was a survivor featured in Dead Island. He was the leader of the natives camping near the laboratory.


The Hero first encounters Koritoia Ope during the quest Man of Faith, where he tells the Hero to enter the Circle of Spirits and survive. Once the Hero has passed the test, he allows for his tribe's blood to be sampled.

During the main quest Pure Blood, Koritoia leads the Hero to his tribe's burial ground, where they mummify their deceased. There they come across an unconscious Yerema, and Koritoia claims that she is a "bad spirit". After poking her, she wakes up, and Koritoia attempts to kill her by beating her to death with his staff. Before he is able to complete his task Purna shoots him in the lower back, killing him. His body is later left after the heroes take Yerema and exit the cave.


Koritoia Ope is an older man with a clean shaven face. Like the other male natives of Banoi, he wears a loincloth with no shoes or other clothing. He also wears several necklaces of what look like long sharp teeth, many different coloured bands and some other thing around his neck. He also wears a large, extravagant headdress and has a skeleton painted on his body.


  • He, along with the other natives, has a tendency to call the Undead: "Immortals".
  • His weapon of choice is a decorated club.
  • Yerema makes the claim that he was her father during the journey she and the Hero have when returning to Mowen's boat.
    • She also pointed out that he sold her to a man who owed him money.
  • After the release of Ryder White's Campaign, it is revealed that Ope could have prevented the spread of the outbreak off of the island, if it had not been for his untimely death at the hands of the Heroes, as he had intended to kill his daughter, who is a carrier for the disease.
    • The irony of the above is that it is stated by Yerema, and confirmed by the official novelization, that Ope is responsible for unleashing the plague on the island in the first place, as he was the one who ordered the religious cannibalism that spread the disease amongst his tribe, who then went on to change and inevitably began infecting others.
    • In the game, where the zombies came from (whose brains were eaten by Ope's tribesmen) is never mentioned. In the novelization, it is stated that they were tribesmen who had ritually beaten and raped Yerema on Ope's orders when his "demon-possessed" daughter had returned from the city to try and make peace with him.
  • It is unclear if Ope truly is such a religious fanatic who worships the "Immortals", as hinted from his various ramblings; or if he has sunken into denial and is trying to ignore the horrors his "holy acts" have unleashed.