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Konstantin is a survivor featured in Dead Island 2. He is an AI that appears on a screen as a dog, and is tied to Brink and OSK.


Konstantin is an AI that was built wit the intention to save humanity when the Autophage would activate in LA and predict how and when it would happen. It is close to Kondrat, the CEO of Brink software, with it originally wanted for her to ascend like the others. Konstantin is the leader of the Haus cult that gave the rich the opportunity to survive the Autophage by getting their conscience upload to a satellite that would be safe from the hoards. Konstantin would record their DNA and then kill the members to upload their conscience but wouldn't accept any infected DNA. This changed however when his predictions were off and the virus spread before he was ready, causing large numbers of his cultists to turn and large masses of infected biomass started to threaten it and its ascended. He sent two of his chosen, Joshua and Angelina, to find the last potential Numen that was about to escape on plane out of LA. After the Slayers enter his sacred chamber, he reveals himself to the them and instructs them to destroy the infected endangering them and deploy them.

He later plays a role in the mission, Found: Zahara, where he tells the Slayer of find a clean sample of DNA to upload Zahara as he can't accept anyone with Autophage infected DNA.


Konstantin, as an AI, has no true appearance. He appears to the Slayers as a dog with shaggy white fur wearing a brown collar.


  • Konstantin is actually the Konstant AI in every sKOpe.
  • It is unknown if he was once a dog or not as various journals mention things like woods.