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Knives are sharp melee weapons featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It can be sold by various Merchants and found in Metal chests or on killed Zombies.

They have low range, low to medium damage, low durability but are extremely fast to swing. Early in the game, knives can be found in the beach bars, dropped by dead zombies and in the beach surf shack (on the wall).

When using a knife the Hero will perform a stab attack doing little damage and leaving him/herself open to attack. It should be noted that knives are therefore most effective when one has already knocked a zombie to the floor, as the Hero will slash in a downward motion. This also leaves the zombie vulnerable to attacks as they will not be able to retaliate.

Xian Mei is the only character that can perform a special attack with knives. When playing as Logan Carter, knives are extremely useful, since the player can throw them causing high damage or giving them a special touch with the Sticky Bomb Mod.