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Go to the city, they said, it'll be fun, they said. And now where are they? Dead.
— Kitty

Kitty is a survivor found in Dead Island: Riptide. She is encountered by the Hero in Halai near the Ocean View Bungalows.


Kitty was on vacation in Palanai after her friends told her to visit the city. She listened to them and traveled to the jungle; she planned to visit Henderson, but decided to explore more of the jungle instead. The zombie outbreak occurred while she was visiting Halai Village. She was exploring the village when she saw the zombies killing and eating people. Terrified, she tried to escape the village but was overwhelmed by the zombies. She managed to escape and found a platform near a water tower; knowing that zombies won't be able to reach her, she climbed up onto the platform. While safe, Kitty realized that she was trapped on the platform as the zombies surrounded her. She began shouting for help, hoping that someone still alive would hear her pleas.

Kitty sees the heroes passing by and calls out. As soon as the heroes spot Kitty, the Civilian Rescue quest Rescue Kitty will be activated. Once the zombies are dead, Kitty comments on how horrible everything became and calls them up. She blithely repeats what her friends said about how it'll be fun in the city and she gives the heroes cash as a reward. She thanks them for helping her and rests on the platform for a while before leaving the area to find somewhere safe.


Kitty is an older woman with brown hair tied up with a bun. She wears a purple button up shirt, a white patterned vest, a light brown sash around her waist, light brown slacks, and black sandals. She also wears several necklaces. In the Definitive Edition, her shirt is green, her vest is solid brown, and her necklaces are multicolored and appears to be made of beads.


  • Kitty's line "Go to the city, they said. It'll be fun, they said. And now where are they? Dead." is referenced by Ryan from Dead Island 2. Only part of it is changed to be about being a stripper.