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King of the Swamp is a very easy difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Matutero in Dead Island. Functionally, it serves only to lead the Hero from the boat to Mowen's hut; there are no enemies along the way, and the journey is very short.


The Hero must find Mowen in the swamps. Matutero and Jin wait on the boat at Mowen's hut as the Hero proceeds with Mowen's quests.


  • Simply activate the fast travel on the boat steering wheel to travel to Mowen. He is located on the same map as the jungle, just in a walled off area.
  • When you arrive, travel down the boards to the hut. Mowen will be inside.
  • There's very little to loot, either on the way or in the hut.
  • Talk to Mowen and after he's finished talking, he'll run to the boat.
  • Go with him before talking to him and using the boat to travel to the Laboratory.


  • This is VERY easy to complete. It takes literally a few minutes.
  • There's nothing of value to loot other than some Gotu Kola and possibly a chest in Mowen's hut, so complete this quest as soon as possible.
  • You can't travel back to this area after completing the quest, nor can you get here without using the boat.