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Do you have any water? I'm so thirsty…
— Kim, asking for water.

Kim is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


She is found in the same bungalow as Anne Snider, located in the Golden Bungalows near the hotel. She gives the continuous event Nectar of Life, which requires the Hero to bring her bottled water in exchange for money. She will constantly beg for water whenever the Hero passes by, even after she's received several bottles.


Kim is a middle aged woman with short black hair in a bob cut. Like most female survivors in the Resort, Kim wears a bikini with no shoes or other clothing. The bikini is red and black. She also wears a beaded necklace, a bandage on her right wrist, and a fitness tracker on her upper left arm. In the Definitive Edition, her bikini is black and white.


  • Kim is constantly begging the slayers for water. There is a bathroom with a sink in the bungalow that she never tries to get water from.
  • Kim and the unnamed woman who is passed out on the bed from drinking don't seem to care that Anne Snider is having a mental breakdown. It is unknown why they are staying there with Anne or if they are even friends.