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Kayden is one of the two special named zombies found at the Pinai Ferry Station during the main quest The Crossing in Dead Island: Riptide. It's not known exactly who Kayden was before the outbreak but considering he is found at the lifeguard hut on the small beach near the ferry terminal, it's fair to assume that he was a lifeguard.


Like Mr. Dead, Kayden is a pseudo boss zombie of sorts. He's essentially a larger Infected who has a lot more health, similar or higher than a Thug, much like The Infected Warrior from the original Dead Island. He's found on the small beach area next to the warehouse and ferry terminal of the ferry station at a lifeguard hut, pacing up and down the ramp along with some Walkers who are dotted around the beach. Unless you go too near him, he's quite easy to miss and avoid, but upon spotting you he will scream out and sprint at you like a normal Infected, attracting other zombies with him.


Kayden has a randomized male Infected model.


  • Despite his high health, he is a toxic infected, so fire weapons are very effective against him.
  • Using a flare gun is a good way of taking down his health, since a headshot will do some good damage and the fire will be extra effective thanks to his toxic effect.
  • The easiest way to kill him is to cheese him out. Go onto the concrete walkway and pier that runs next to the beach. From here, he will spot you but instead of running around, he will run up to the pier and stand with his arms in the air at the railings, like zombies do when they can't reach you. From here you can use a two handed weapon or a firearm like the flare gun to take down his health at your leisure.
  • Using a fast swinging weapon with a mod effect that can stun him like an electrical effect is a good way to get some easy hits while he's flailing around from the electricity.
    • To this end, a staff is quite effective, thanks to its high swing speed.
  • Mines are effective, as they are on most zombies, though setting them up without getting his attention is quite difficult and not worth the bother.
  • If you can get him with a Molotov, that will do a lot of damage, again thanks to his toxic effect.



  • Kayden is the only one of the two twins who respawns. After killing Jayden, he does not respawn from the warehouse, likely due to its close proximity to the fast travel map, whereas Kayden is the other side of the map, so he respawns.