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Jungle Mugger

A Jungle Mugger

Murder 'em!
— Jungle Mugger

Jungle Muggers are one of the types of human enemies featured in Dead Island. They're found in the jungle of Banoi. These muggers have been robbing people long before the zombie outbreak and they don't work for Afran. They're technically the fourth human enemies the Heroes encounter.

Their favoured tactic is to ambush passers-by and they take no prisoners. Jungle Muggers behave much like Looters or Punks and are often armed with firearms. They can be found in the jungle foliage, behind wrecked vehicles, and even around ramshackle buildings. They try to get the Heroes caught in a crossfire while shredding them with as many rounds as they can squeeze off they carry Pistols and Rifles.


It is unknown if Jason is a Rebel or Mugger but he is possibly a Punk due to his appearance. He is a cannibal like the Banoi Butcher. He makes his home on the top of his house with a few Walkers at the ground he carries a Machete. He has the same Health as a Thug. He is the strongest human enemy in the game. Jason's is as tall as a Thug.


Murder 'em!
— Jungle Mugger

Fuck Outta here! this is our Territory!
— Jungle Mugger


Jungle Muggers
Level Health
1 400
9 500
16 720
31 1300
40 1600
50 1800

Notable Members[]




  • Jungle Muggers are of major significance in the quest Nighthawk. After Oceanic Flight 1012 crash lands in the jungle, a group of Jungle Muggers set up their camp among the wreckage of the plane.
  • There is a chance that Jungle Muggers will drop ammunition of the firearms they are using, usually pistol ammo or rifle ammo.
  • Unlike most enemy factions in the game, The muggers can be wiped out early on in ACT 3.