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The mod applied to the brass knuckles

The Juggernaut Gauntlets Mod is a new mod added in Patch 1.3. The mod can only be applied to Exotic Brass Knuckles. The mod adds an Impact Effect to the weapon.


This mod is one of the hardest mods to apply to anything as it can only be applied to a single weapon, the Exotic Brass Knuckles and said weapon is extremely rare, having no natural spawning location and having no Merchants sell it either. However, when it can be applied, it's a very decent modification. It ups the damage and adds a high level impact effect which makes dealing with multiple enemies easier since it's quite easy to send a Zombies catapulting away from the impact effect, reducing the number of zombies facing you and often killing the zombie due to it impacting a wall. Visually, it doesn't add too much to the original model of the Exotic Brass Knuckles, though minor differences can be seen.

There are several downsides to the mod, however, the most damaging of these is the weapon it uses. The mod only uses one base weapon, which is not an outright bad thing, but the problem is that it's on one of the rarest weapons in the game. Not only is the Exotic Brass Knuckles the rarest of all the Brass Knuckles variants but also one of the rarest weapons full stop, making crafting the mod near impossible. The mod also has quite a large crafting requirements, needing around 15 mod parts to craft, amongst these is the phone which can be hard to get a hold of. In addition, because it still only applies to a brass knuckle variant, it doesn't really help with fighting special infected such as Thugs or Butchers, who can either outrange your attack or deal the same if not more damage to you.


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"I figured out how to upgrade the brass knuckles to make every user of the toy a KO expert. I assure you I made one of those for myself and tested in real-life environment. Let the fact that I lived to write down this manual be the proof of the weapon's efficiency."
Found in Moresby in an abandoned market, on the ground beside a desk, near the middle of the west wall. The market is at the large intersection south / south-west of the Warehouse.
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Juggernaut Gauntlets Mod