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I didn't think anyone would ever find me. Here, I have extra ammo. You need it? Take it! It's the least I can do for what you did for me.
— Jose, paying the Heroes in ammo for saving him.

Jose Garcia is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


He is located in Bunker 06 at the far eastern part of the Resort. After completing the main quest Exodus, various radio calls for help can be heard from the radio in the bottom floor of the Lifeguard Tower. One of these is Jose calling for help that he has become trapped inside a bunker. After killing the Walkers and two Thugs outside the bunker, Jose thanks the Heroes for their help and opens up the bunker as well as letting them use his car. After this, he remains in the bunker however when the heroes return, he will already have left. He likely heads to another safe place.


Jose is a middle aged man with brown hair and a full beard.. Like most male survivors in the Resort, Jose wears a pair of swimming trunks with no shirt or shoes. The trunks are grey and white. He also wears a string necklace on as well as a light grey messenger bag.


  • It's unknown where Jose goes after the heroes save him, but it can be assumed that he headed inland to find other survivors.
  • He awards 500 XP and 30 Pistol Ammo.
  • It's confusing to why Jose would even leave the bunker at all because it's a good hideout and he even had a car which he left behind.