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The outside entrance the workshop

Jorge's Workshop is a unmarked location in Henderson in Dead Island: Riptide. It is the location that Jorge Tesoro inhabits and he will remain there after you find him. It's from this location that he will give you his two quests, Perfect Plan and A Collector. You will first come across this location while exploring near the Sea Market, where Jorge is being besieged by zombies. After killing them, he'll let you in and give you his first quest.


The workshop is small, easy to miss in the parade of houses and shops that it sits in between. It's not really a workshop at all, rather a shop, likely a jewellery shop. It has a front counter and a couple of barred off racks, like weapon racks, on the walls. There's a cash register, as well as a workbench, further pointing towards this place being a jewellery shop, or possibly a weapon/tools shop. Part of the counter is fenced off by wire mesh to stop people from either reaching over or climbing over to the other side of the counter.


  • A metal chest is found next to the workbench
  • A cash register is on the counter, which can give a decent amount of cash.
  • There's no fast travel map, but the interior acts like a safe house, so no zombies will follow you in.
  • The zombies outside of the workshop will respawn each time you visit, necessitating you having to kill them. The door will also be locked each time and need to be broken down.