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The Jogger is a zombie that appears in the trailer of the cancelled 2014 build of Dead Island 2 and appears in the trailer of the 2023 build of Dead Island 2.


He was an advertiser for a gym in California before being bitten. However, he took little notice of it and covers the bite before going for a run along the beach with his earphones in, entirely oblivious to the outbreak around him before he turns, continuing to run along the beach before being incapacitated by Ryan using the Homestrike. The zombie is not killed, however, his head lying on the ground near his smashed legs as Max pulls up and steals his shoes, much to the discontent of the other heroes in the van, before driving away, leaving the jogger's head where it lies.

The zombified jogger reappears in the 2022 trailer of Dead Island 2, possibly either being burnt by the fuel that Jacob sets on fire, or by the resulting explosion from a nearby fuel tanker when the flames reach it.


The jogger was, when alive, a typical handsome, buff man with slick blonde hair, green eyes and a clean shaven face. He wore a zip up white hoodie and grey work out shorts with white shoes and socks. He had a dogtag around his neck on a chain, as well as a silver watch on his left wrist, a white phone holder on his upper left arm and a white sweatband on his right wrist which covers the bite. His hair is actually a wig covering his balding head, and since his right arm has a bicep implant, it's likely that his other arm does, as well as possibly other parts of his body. He has a tattoo on his right shoulder which says 'Living the Dream'.

As a zombie, his clothes are covered in blood and his skin is ruptured open, showing the muscle underneath. His right bicep implant has fallen out and his wig has come off to reveal his balding head. In addition, his veins are visibly showing all over his skin.


  • Despite being shown in the new Dead Island 2 trailer, the Jogger cannot be found in the game and the place where Jacob kills him isn't in the game.