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Joe had seen all of the movies at Jacqueline's cinema, and he knew that this was going to happen. It was only a matter of time. And when the dead started to rise, Joe understood what was happening, the truth of what he was seeing. He got bit on purpose, after all it was the only way to enter the sacred circle of the possessed. It was the only way he'd be able to save the world. He had to become the enemy in order to learn the enemy's secrets.
Dr. Kessler's Casebook

Joe "Ogre" Somare is a Boss Zombie featured in Dead Island: Riptide.

Joe had watched every zombie movie owned by Jacqueline Phantom, and believed a Zombie apocalypse was certain. When the plague started, he allowed himself to be bitten in hopes he would be immune. He wasn't, and became a powerful Butcher.


Joe is a middle to older aged man with long, balding white hair and a clean shaven face. He wears what appears to be the tattered remains of a green jumpsuit with no shirt or shoes. His arms have been sliced off, with the bones sharpened into makeshift blades.


Killing Ogre is incredibly hard should the player try to engage him directly. This is due to his power, speed and health, as well being accompanied by various Walkers. However, there are a number of weapons that, when used correctly, will enable the player to finish him off with relative ease:

  • Throwables: Most throwables will make the killing of Ogre very easy. Simply standing in the hut exit, without entering the water, will render him calm (he doesn't attack until you walk into the water). Throwing a Molotov or grenade will cause him to lose health quickly without him attacking, though you must have a large number of throwables, otherwise his health will simply regenerate. This will also destroy any Walkers around him.

Rage: Using rage is a good strategy especially if you have a full rage because you can kill ogre with one hit (If you have the one hit chance maxed) or do some serious damage.

  • Owning a weapon with a poison or electric mod attached, such as: Deathstalker Mod, High Voltage Mod, Toxic Mod or Lightning Mod, will help you immensely. If he is successfully electrocuted or poisoned (one will be able to tell as he will convulse or vomit) one can attack him without fear. This applies to most weapons (especially sharp weapons such as: machetes, katanas and wakizashis).
  • However, it is imperative that one first destroys all surrounding zombies, as they will hinder your attack on Ogre and expose you to his attacks.


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  • It is possible Ogre is a Frenzied Butcher judging by his height similar to The Captain.
  • Also like The Captain, he makes Infected sounds. This was done to prove Ogre is Frenzied.
  • Ogre is the only Frenzied Butcher that exists for now.