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Jo's Secret Stash is a collectible featured in Dead Island 2. The collectible is the first of three collectibles in the Lost & Found quest Jo's Rainy Day Stash. It is a phone conversation between two employees of Jo's Rentals, regarding a rumored "secret stash" by the franchise owner, Johan.


The collectible can be found in the secondary location for Jo's Rentals at Venice Beach. During the Lost & Found quest Jo's Rainy Day Stash, you gain access to the secondary location for Jo's Rentals. Inside the store the collectible can be found on the sales counter next to a cash register.


Jo thinkin he slick, pretending he gonna visit that MILF for a nooner when we all know he's sneaking $$$ over to add to his secret stash.
Your desperate ass is tripping if you think that 7 (@ BEST) qualifies for MILF status. + she wishes.
Ya. Total Karen. Still would.
His stuff has got to be at her place tho. it's here in Venice. near the main store. cause he never goes to "see her" when he's working over here at my store.
I wouldn't leave stuff at a married MILFs house
Could check his phone to see if he's really going to her place. He's always leaving it on the counter.
Hard Pass, Nick. He's crazy if he thinks this frachise'll take off, but working this dump is 2 easy