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Jo's Rentals, or as its full name Jo's Surf & Skate Rental, consists of multiple locations featured in Venice Beach in Dead Island 2. It is a franchise of beachfront shops specializing in skateboards, surfboards, and beach-going paraphernalia. Like the name suggest, the store also rents out surfboard and skates/skateboards to beach-goers.


Main Location[]

The shop from the outside is a typical beachfront shop building, built into the row of buildings facing both the beach and street. It is spread over four shop sections, two facing the beach and two facing the street. Each shop section has a metal shutter that could be deployed at closing time to prevent the shop being easily looted. The main colour of the shop is an aquamarine blue with large red lettering for the name above the shutters, one of which has been closed. The inside is dark, so only the stack of surfboards in between the shop sections can be discerned.

The next store over can be accessed from inside the shop, though it looks to be used as storage for Jo's Rentals. There is another door in this shop that would provide access to the adjacent "Venice Kitchen," but it is blocked by a freezer.

Secondary Location[]

The second location on the Venice Boardwalk is located near the Ocean Walk Cafe and Bar, further down the boardwalk from the primary location. It is a smaller, two-stall store, likely with connecting access behind the main rooms. It features the same color scheme, and roughly the same contents for sale/rent.


  • Jo's real name is actually Johan, as revealed by Kai. Johan is a Dutchman who didn't think people would buy surfboards and equipment from someone named Johan.


  • Two statues of the shop's logo/mascot, Carver the Shark, can be found outside the shop on the walkway and street, and a plush of the shark is available when pre-ordering the game with the aptly named Dead Island 2 Carver the Shark bundle.
  • The primary Jo's Rentals was the location where the augmented reality promotional content developed by Capitola took place, which was featured on Gamestop storepages for Dead Island 2 pre-orders.
  • The primary Jo's Rentals is located on the 1800 block of the Venice Boardwalk at the intersection with Thunderwood Boulevard.