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Jo's Final Farewell is a collectible featured in Dead Island 2. The collectible is the third and final of three collectibles for the Lost & Found quest Jo's Rainy Day Stash. It is a set of Johan's keys alongside a message regarding the location of the stash. The message informs his employees, Scotty and Nick, that a group of looters caught Johan grabbing his stash and shot at him. The shots alerted zombies in the area, and destroyed his car's engine. While attempting to get the car running, he was bit and informs his employees to grab the stash, now at Marla's Tapas & Tacos.


Dropped from the named Walker Jo's Shambling Body in the Santa Bareta Parking Lot of Venice Beach. During the Lost & Found quest Jo's Rainy Day Stash, you encounter the undead form of Jo in the parking lot, and upon being killed he will drop the collectible on the floor for collection.


S&N, Bad news. Looters on the rooftops caught me getting the rainy day fund out of its hiding place. Shot at me, & gunshots alerted the fucking dead, & then one of those puking assholes fucked up my baby's engine! Gonna try & revive her but its not looking good.

Got bit.

Up to you two now. Get my shit before them looters do and get outta here. I hoofed anything worth a damn over to Marla's. When you catch up to her, tell her that Johan says "bye, leef-yuh". Hope I get my baby running! But if I don't -- peace brothers.


  • After reaching the parking lot from the previous collectible's direction, Jo's Shambling Body will spawn as a random walker, usually wearing a cap.
    • Despite the name, Johan is actually a walker.
  • Two Crushers will also spawn in the same area, with one busting out of the nearby parked cargo van.
  • The final stash can be found on the nearby roof of Marla's Tapas and Tacos, inside a fenced in area alongside a disaster relief crate and a zombified Nick and Scotty.