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The cave entrance

Jimmy O'Neill's Cave, also labelled on the map as Tuluga Cave, is a Dead Zone found in the Flooded jungle and featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It's one of the many dead zones scattered around the game, located just right of the Helicopter Wreck and up from Mataka Village.


The Dead Zone is quite out of the way, though it can be easily gone to during the main quest Heavy Equipment as the Heroes are directed over there. The cave entrance has a few Walkers around it, but nothing too hard to deal with. Inside, the cave is structured much the same as all the other cave Dead Zones, with a natural corridor leading to a large open cave. In the middle is a large carved statue with a campfire in front of it. Torches light the area, hanging off fixtures on the walls. At the back of the cave is another natural corridor leading to some stone altars which are adorned with skulls, offering bowls and torches to keep them lit.


There are no zombies in the entrance hallway and no other special infected other than Jimmy himself. As such, leading with a Sonic Pulse Grenade or two will deal with most of the Walkers and Infected in the main cave area, making Jimmy a little easier to deal with. Any Walkers that remain can be easily dealt with before Jimmy himself. Mines are not the best idea as Jimmy is liable to run up to you as you're placing it, causing it to blow up both you and him, so avoid using mines. If you can get Jimmy alone, he will be a lot easier to deal with. Once he's dead, all that remains is a few Infected in the final corridor to the altars and a couple of Walkers, but they should be easy to deal with.

Jimmy O'Neill's Cave
Named Boss Jimmy "Deathtrap" O'Neill (Frenzied Infected)
Blueprints None
Rare Modification Items Aluminum Tube
Chests 1x common, 1x level 3
Workbench None
Other notes Other enemies include Walkers, Infected, and sometimes one Thug


  • Two metal chests are found at the back of the cave with the altars.
  • The only healing items that can be found are two snacks and a fruit on a bowl in the main cave area, so have a stock on medkits before entering the cave.