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Where the hell did I put that?
— Javier Wimsatt

Javier Wimsatt is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located in the Lighthouse, along with a group of survivors led by James Stein. Javier is a merchant, and the Hero can purchase weapons and parts off of him.


Javier is a middle aged man with balding black hair and a full beard. Unlike most male survivors in the Resort, Javier is fully clothed with a dirty white sleeveless t-shirt, blue checkered pants held up by a brown belt, a blue satchel bag, white socks, and grey boots. He wears has sunglasses and a bandage on his right wrist.


Note: All of the possible items in Javier's stock are not guaranteed to appear at once. He will have a different selection each time you load the game.


Mod Items[]



  • Javier is usually talking to himself, trying to remember where he put something.
  • When exiting the Lighthouse, if you walk along the right side of the wall, when you get to the steps and Javier sees you, he'll be surprised and tell you to be careful, noting that he “…could have blown your bloody head off”. This dialogue can be avoided by keeping to the left wall, so that Javier sees you coming in advance.
  • He wears a bandage on his lower right arm, suggesting he has been injured.
  • Javier is one of the few merchants who will attempt to justify why he's selling items - he simply wishes to have money stockpiled so when he gets he'll be sitting pretty.