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The satellite dish in the central chamber

The Japanese Tunnels are a series of underground bunkers and passageways built by the Japanese on Palanai Island during World War ll in order to store and move soldiers and weapons across the island out of reach of Allied bombings. Later some smugglers took over the entrance to the exit of tunnels.


The Tunnels are a series of concrete reinforced tunnels all under Palanai. There's a similar system all across Banoi Island as well, built during the Japanese occupation. There are several access areas across the island, including one at the Pinai Ferry Station, the Santa Maria Mission and various bunkers across Palanai.

When you enter the tunnels, via the Mission, you must turn on the power. It's very dark and spooky down there, so a good light source is required. The tunnels are in a state of disrepair, being unused for 70+ years. There's pieces of wall and ceilings collapsed and blocking corridors, while the whole place is overgrown and barely functional. Once the power is on, some lighting is available, but it's still not great. The main area of the tunnels is dominated by a large radar dish, obviously overgrown and not functional, but would have been used to keep track of allied movements during the war.

At some point after the war, several decades later, the Australian Army used it to store chemicals in the tunnels, evidenced by many barrels of luminous green chemicals. When the virus infected all of the island, the chemicals accelerated some mutations, leading to some special infected being created like the Wrestler. The army later abandoned the tunnels, leading them to once again fall to the jungle and leaving the chemicals where they were.

A group of smugglers took us refuge at the other end of the tunnels, where the living quarters and barracks of the tunnels were built. There's a lot of them, with a lot of evidence of their loot they stole off people both before and after the apocalypse.

There's a lot of zombies in the tunnel complex, including Walkers, Infected and Thugs, possibly the result of people fleeing to the tunnels to escape the infection.

Associated quests[]


  • Always keep a large supply of Flares with you when exploring the tunnel.
  • If you have any weapons equipped with the Torch Mod or BBQ Mod, they can be used as a backup light source when your Flashlight needs to recharge. Keep in mind flame's light range is very short and can only reveal roughly two feet in front of the player.
  • The bunkers are very large. If you return to certain areas of the tunnels, zombies may respawn.
  • Always watch your step. There are long drop areas such as exposed ladders without guardrails so always stay alert.
  • 5 mods can be found in the tunnels after restoring the power. These are the Medieval Mod, High Voltage Mod, Pride Shotgun Mod, Poison Bomb Mod and Lightning Storm Mod.
    • The Medieval Mod can be found down the first tunnel to the left, in front of a chest behind some wooden boxes.
    • From here, the High Voltage Mod can be found after taking another left, and bashing down the locked door opposite a huge vault door. The mod is on a shelf in the storage room inside.
    • The Pride Shotgun Mod can be found immediately after descending the long ladder to the lower levels, after replacing the fuse. Keep a left until you reach some chemical barrels and a Wrestler corpse. The mod is behind them in the right corner.
    • The Poison Bomb Mod can be found in the large, open area right behind the grate where the previous mod was. After entering this area, go right down the staircase then drop down on the immediate left. Head straight and then left, reaching the tower-like structure. Move around it until you can open a door leading inside, the mod will be on a table.
    • The final mod, Lightning Storm, can be found near the end of the Tunnels. In the room with the Chief Smuggler, the mod is located right next to the Master Keys behind a few books.
  • These can be found either before or after you clear the tunnels.
  • If timed correctly, the charge ability will negate fall damage. This allows you to jump to the end of the central chamber, thus skipping a large part of the tunnel.


  • Various boxes can be found with Banoi Island Defense Force markings. It is unknown how they crates got here, unless the B.I.D.F was aiding the ADF in cleaning the tunnels.


  • A hint to Wayne's fate can be seen just to the right of the entrance to the satellite chamber's entrance. If the player enters this side of the tunnel, a mutated wrestler-like zombie is among some barrels of chemicals.
  • The area where you place the Fuse to restore lighting to the tunnels is actually one of the regular bunker models which has been modified and placed in geometry to appear to be its own structure. It's the same model as bunker as Bunker 02 or Bunker 06 in Dead Island. The model is unique to Riptide, though, due to the turret having been modified with a hole in the floor to allow you to access the rear room.
    • Furthermore, all the areas where you need to either get something or place a fuse in are in fact just bunker models placed within the tunnels.
  • After you descend into the tunnels and reach the main room with the satellite dish, heading left will take you to a re-used part of Arena B from the Bloodbath Arena DLC for Dead Island, specifically the entrance room when you first enter the arena.