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Doctor Jane Hanson is a character introduced Dead Island: Riptide. She is a non-immune survivor first encountered by the Heroes in Halai Village. She is referred to as Dr. Jane by most of the other characters. Little is known of Dr. Jane's past or her reason for being on Palanai Island, though it is presumed that it is related to her listed affiliation with the group "Doctors of the Earth". She possesses no combat skills, and instead aids the team by creating medical supplies from native resources.

She gives the Heroes the side quest Alternative Medicine where they need to recover her Medical Book from the medical hut in Halai Village, as all the medical supplies were washed away in the monsoon and the book contains lists of native ingredients she can use to replace them. She also requires some Mushrooms from a local cave that will be beneficial as well. After the quest is complete, she joins the Heroes and their fellow survivors on their quest to reach Henderson, remaining with them for the rest of the game.


Jane is a middle aged woman with brown hair tied up in a bob. She wears a white shirt, a dark blue patterned skirt held by a brown belt, and light brown slip on shoes. She also wears three beaded necklaces, a bandage on her right wrist, and three beaded bracelets on her left wrist. In the Definitive Edition, her shirt is purple and she wears black flip flops.


Dr. Jane will be available as a merchant after the Hero completes the quest Alternative Medicine, and is available from that point through to the end of the game. She offers Medium and Large MedKits, as well as various crafting supplies.

Notably compared to other merchants, Dr. Jane sells her stock at a discount even without completing any of her Team Quests. Initially she offers items at 5% discount, but this can be raised to a 20% discount by completing Best Merchandise for Dr. Jane III. Completing her Team Quests also expands the crafting supplies she offers.