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James "Killer" Nisira had made a lot of enemies, but they never slowed him down. In fact, they gave him strength. After all, politics is a contact sport and Nisira was very good at politics. That is, until a City Council meeting when he was bitten. As chaos enveloped the room, he knew that this, at last, was politics in its most pure. And he rejoiced.
Dr. Kessler's Casebook

James "Killer" Nisira is Boss Zombie featured in Dead Island: Riptide. Nisira was a shrewd politician who made a lot of enemies during his time in office. However, he used this to his advantage and drew strength from them. During a City Council meeting Nisira was bitten and he happily watched as "chaos enveloped the room". He made it back to his bungalow before turning into a Thug.


In his entry in Dr. Kessler's Casebook, James appears as a completely bald middle aged man with a clean shaven face. He wears a blue button up shirt, black dress pants held by a black belt, and black dress shoes. In game, he will have a randomized Thug model for an unknown reason.


Like a regular Thug, James will stand around idly before being disturbed. He may also occasionally let out a roar or groan, but other than idly swinging his arms around or shuffling slightly, he'll just stand about. Upon spotting you, however, he'll turn to face you and shuffle over to you. Like a Thug, he doesn't move that fast, but upon reaching you, he'll unleash one of his powerful attacks that will do a whole lot of damage, as well as regenerate some of his health if he's lost any.

Strategy and tips[]

  • Despite being a named legendary boss, he's actually rather straight forwards to deal with. You can use most of the regular Thug tactics on him, so see the Thug page for those.
  • You can easily kill him with some throwables. Open the door, throw a grenade, Molotov or some other throwable before closing the door again. The zombies can't open the door and the throwable will go off, causing a lot of damage. Repeat this until everything is dead, including the boss.
  • You can easily outrange him with the flare gun you got from Trevor at the start of the game. Similarly, any other firearm will make short work of him.
  • Because he's so slow, you can easily jump in, get off a quick few hits, then jump back to dodge his attack.


  • It's interesting to note while the Killer's threat level is 5 skulls, he isn't very difficult and can be defeated without losing any health. The only thing that poses a threat is the group of Walkers with the Killer.
  • Like all the Dead Zone bosses, it's impossible to break or cut off any of his limbs.