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Cheer up, Sunshine, you're with me!
— Jacob

Jacob is one of the six slayers featured in Dead Island 2. He was born in London and originally became a stockbroker before the passing of his mother. After this, he followed his dream and became a stuntman prior to travelling to the US. Not much else is known about him but he became trapped in Los Angeles, California during the outbreak.


An antihero with rockstar flair, Jacob’s offbeat charm is paired with a reckless disregard for self-preservation. When his beloved mum passed, this successful London stockbroker left everything behind to follow his dream of being a Hollywood stuntman. Now his quips and Shakespearean quotes fall on undead ears as he revels in being a slayer in HELL-A. Lovely!
— his description from the Dead Island website


Jacob is an afro-british man in his late 20s to early 30s, with a short black afro and black stubble. He wears black rimmed sunglasses. He wears a black t-shirt with a white skeleton hand printed on it, a denim camouflage waistcoat, blue jeans held by a brown belt, and black boots. On his left wrist he has a bandage wrap and there are multiple rings on his right hand.

Currently there are four available skins for Jacob:

  • HollyWestwood (Default Outfit)
  • The Rodeo Sunset (Hell-A Catwalk Collection)
  • Maulibu nowhere (Til' Dawn Collection)
  • Plaid Perfect (From Dusk Collection)


Jacob has two innate skills:

Other unique skills to Jacob are:

  • Serial Killer - Indulge in a vicious cycle of death! Slay a zombie for a minor boost to DAMAGE.
  • Hack and Dash - Their loss is your gain! MAIM a zombie for a boost to your ATTACK SPEED.
  • Group Therapy - Work through your anger! Slay zombies in quick succession to regain STAMINA.


  • Based on his interactions with Sarah Sheppard and Sebastian during the side quest It Came From Monarch Studios, it is evident that Jacob is a fan of the Space Fox 2250 franchise, as both of the survivors played roles in it.
  • On the slayer tarot cards included with the Hell-A edition of Dead Island 2, Jacob is depicted as The Emperor.
  • His name was revealed during Gamescom 2022 after the reveal trailer by lead narrative designer Khan.
  • His nationality was revealed via a 'meet the slayers' video on the Dead Island Twitter.
  • This video also revealed that he loves Shakespeare.
  • His skills and description was revealed on the Dead Island website.
  • Jacob was the first slayer to receive a 'meet the slayer' video.
  • His skill "Feral" was originally named "Frenzy" in early development before it was changed to "Feral". In his 'Meet the Slayers' video, the skill is incorrectly named "Frenzy" as its older name.
  • Jacob is blind in his left eye.
  • Jacob is very close to his mother who passed away prior to the events of Dead Island 2.
  • Jacob seems to be a religious person as he is heard frequently praying to his mother in heaven.
    • The religious aspect might be a reference to the slayer John who is a preacher from the cancelled Dead Island 2 from 2014.
  • In the trailer for Dead Island 2, Jacob is seen searching for stuff at a store and staying in someone's house. These areas can't be found in the actual game.
  • Jacob seems to be close friends with Dani.
    • It is never explained how Jacob and Dani could be close friends because Jacob is close to his mother, while Dani has anger towards her family and makes rude comments about her mother.
  • He never says his quote from the character selection menu in the actual game.
  • While searching for Michael Anders in Monarch Studios, he is the only slayer who knows the elevator is fake.
    • Likewise, he is the only one to instantly recognize that the "spider venom" is actually just water.
    • Both these can be explained by his background as a stuntman, so he would be used to these types of special effects.
  • He is the second character named Jacob in the Dead Island series.
  • In one of the Dead Island 2 trailers, Jacob kills the jogger by blowing them up to pieces or burning them to death from a truck fuel tank explosion.
  • Out of all the slayers, Jacob and Carla don't really have anyone to get back to when they escape Los Angeles.
  • He is a habitual user of marijuana, as revealed by dialogue from the Haus DLC.
  • It can be implied that Jacob is a fan of the pop rock band Chas & Dave as one of his idle dialogue lines is "Ever heard of Chas & Dave...?"
  • Its also implied that Jacob has at least a mild knowledge of Brazilian music, as he sings the chorus to "Garota Do Ipanema" while waiting for the fake elevator.
  • After one stunt, Jacob broke down in the taxi home and cried, and when he got home, he cried more and had a bath with candles.
    • It's unknown why Jacob's confession in the Haus DLC is so much tamer than the other Slayers, as unlike their confessions, his is more embarrassing than personal.
  • In The Art of Dead Island 2, it's revealed that Jacob was originally intended to be a priest, but this was changed for the final game.