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The Italian Plumber is a variant of the Heavy Wrench and a Legendary Weapon in Dead Island, rarely available from Metal chests or killed Zombies.


As a superior version of the Heavy Wrench, the Italian Plumber retains the stats of said weapon but far greatly enhanced. The weapon still has a very high stamina cost and slow swing speed, however it has far greater damage and slightly more force than a regular Heavy Wrench, meaning it is far better for taking on high health Zombies like Thugs or Floaters. Due to being a two handed weapon, it has a long weapon reach and is capable of being a good crowd control weapon. This is further enhanced by its high damage and force, allowing it to make quick work of hordes of Walkers and Infected, if the latter can be hit. Like with the Heavy Wrench, care should be taken when using this weapon again Infected or Butchers as they are fast and have rapid attacks, so should your opening swing against them miss, it will allow them to get damage in on you, and possibly kill you if you are unable to recover from your missed swing.



  • It was rumoured to appear more often in the sewers as well as the Laboratory, however these rumours are false as the random weapon spawn system isn't altered in these areas, therefore not increasing the chance of finding this weapon.
  • Despite being a legendary weapon, the model for it is identical to a normal Heavy Wrench.


  • The name "Italian Plumber" is a reference to the popular video game character, Mario.