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It's a Trap is the ninth main quest in the Ryder White's Campaign DLC in Dead Island.


Charon directs Ryder White to get the knockout gas from Cell Block C and put it on top of the elevator for the Heroes.


  • After nearly shooting Charon, Ryder agrees to continue helping him but is highly suspicious of him. Charon tells him to obtain the knock-out gas from block C and install it in the elevator. He wants to get the antidote away from the heroes and avoid any last minute negotiations with them.
  • Go back downstairs and out of the door at the far end of the room, like you did for the last quest. Once again go right from the door but all the way to the end and go through the double doors.
  • Turn right once through them and go through the single door on your left. It's a portal that will lead you outside the prison.
  • Go up the metal stairs and at the top go right. You're on the outside of the prison and it's a beautiful view!
  • A Walker is waiting to grab you, so kill it and jump over the gaps in the floor. If you fall you'll slip all the way to the bottom and die, so try to not miss your footing! At the far end is a Thug, also hiding from you, with some stairs down. Kill the Thug and follow the steps to get to a portal door that leads back inside.
  • Once in you're about to fight more rebels. Going down the L shaped corridor and opening the door, there's three Walkers being shot at by some rebels. Kill the Walkers and unlock the double doors using the switch on the wall next to them, on the same wall as the door you just came through.
  • Kill all the rebels and go down the corridor. You can hear zombies banging on doors and the corridor you're going down towards the door at the end is death row.
  • Open the door at the end and kill the rebels behind it. At the end of this short corridor, go left to kill more rebels. Going right leads you into the block C armoury, which you may remember as being the armoury Titus sends you to loot during the main campaign, but you never do.
  • Proceed down the corridor, cutting down rebels as you go. You'll end up in the execution room, but to your left is a locked door you can break through.
  • Break through it to continue and immediately shoot the rebel in front of you, otherwise he'll cut you down. Before he dies, he shouts out that he's opening the cells, allowing all the zombie prisoners out.
  • Grab the keys to the storeroom from the wall but kill the Infected and Thugs that you can see out of the barred window since you need to return that way and it'll save you the hassle!
  • Exit the room and go across to the control room for the electric chair. Using the keys you can now open it and grab a can of knock-out gas from the wall, obviously used to knock out prisoners before frying them.
  • Exit that room and go back down the corridor to the death row cells.
  • Now is a good time to liberally use explosives. Two Rams as well as a Thug have been released from the death row cells and will come for you. Throw several grenades/incendiary grenades to blow them all up. It's a lot easier than trying to fight them the normal way.
  • Go to the end of the corridor once everything is dead and return to the portal that will take you outside.
  • Heading up the stairs, instead of a Thug there's now 3 Walkers. Kill them and jump over the gaps. Around the corner is 3 Infected and a Thug, so kill them as well. The Infected are best taken out first before blowing away the Thug, then return inside the prison using the other portal door.
  • Once in, head forwards but instead of going left to return to the control room, go right towards the elevator and go through the double doors at the end of the room. Charon will radio to tell you to prepare the 'unpleasant surprise for our guests'.
  • There's a set of stairs, go up them and through the doors at the top. Go right to see the elevator and hold the use button to open the doors and place the gas can next to the oxygen tank.
  • Once placed, Charon tells you to return to the control room. Opposite the elevator is a door which leads you right into the control room. Head towards Charon to play a cutscene.
  • Ryder joins Charon to look at the screens and see the heroes enter the elevator. Charon tells them to get in before the doors close and he deploys the gas using the control panel, with White watching on. Happy with the success and a job well done, Charon leans back in his chair telling White that all they need to do now is get the cure and leave. White is still suspicious of Charon and holds him at gunpoint, making him back away from the computer before shooting it. Charon asks him what he's doing and he responds telling him that he's getting the cure and taking Emily. Locking him in, he then says that if the cure doesn't work, he'll come back and kill Charon. Charon tries to tell White that it's not a full cure, just a vaccine and only works on someone in the first stage. In denial about his wife, White angrily says that she IS in the first stage, but Charon tells him that she's not... not anymore. Ignoring him, White leaves and Charon gets a spare keycard from on top of a cabinet to unlock the door, muttering that White should have killed him when he had the chance. This ends the cutscene and quest.


  • The armoury in block C is chock full of goodies. There's over 5 grenades and incendiary grenades, as well as tons of ammo, melee weapons and a workbench.
  • While getting the knock-out gas, you can turn on the electric chair using the switch on the wall. It doesn't do much other than spread electricity on the floor, but you can still turn it on and off.


  • The name of the quest is a possible reference to a line in the film Return of the Jedi, in which Admiral Ackbar says "It's a trap!".
  • When first meeting the Rams after the death row cells have been opened, if you open the cell with "1" above the door and then open the toilet lid, you will see a hand sticking out of the toilet which is filled with blood. Scrawled on the lower part of the toilet below the bowl is the words "Don't Open, Dead Inside". This is a reference to The Walking Dead where the main protagonist, Rick, wakes up in a hospital and sees those same words written on a door before opening it and seeing zombies for the first time.
  • This is the only time in the entire game that you can see the outside of the prison.
  • If you use a save editor to give yourself invincibility, if you fall down the gaps in the floor you'll land on an invisible flat plain. It's then possible to explore a little of the outside to get a look at the outside of the prison. If you head to the right after falling down, you can even see through the map (where it's not textured as you're not meant to be here) and look up to the prison rooftop and see Super 25 on the helipad.