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The Insect Swarm Walker is a zombie featured in Dead Island 2. They are variants of the Walker found all across Los Angeles.


The Swarm Walker's mutation has caused an insect hive to fuse to its abdomen. These symbiotic insects attack anyone near and attempt to infect them like any zombie would. When a player approaches a Swarm Walker, they will send their insects after them. If the insects connect, they will drain their stamina, effectively reducing heavy attack capabilities as well as agility. Additionally, the swarm will inflict damage, rapidly draining health if the insects are not dispersed. This can be done by walking into pools of water or using the Chem Bomb. The swarm will also retreat if a Medkit is used.

Aside from their insects, Insect Swarm Walkers behave no differently than normal Walkers. They are slow and will attempt to bite and grab players if they get too close. Swarm Walkers are also weak to fire, shock, and caustic damage. Furthermore, their limbs can be severed easily. Once a Swarm Walker has been killed, their insect swarm will disperse. Destroying the hive in the Walker's abdomen (which will take only one or two swings) will also disperse the swarm permanently, allowing the Slayer to deal with the luckless Walker far more easily.


Insect Swarm Walkers, quite ironically, wear a pest control uniform for the company Beez-B-Gone which consists of a button-up shirt with the company logo on the front and back, black pants and shoes, teal rubber gloves, a black Beez-B-Gone cap, a pair of safety glasses and a face mask. There is a large region of the abdominal area which is occupied by the insect hive.




Name Criteria Description
Not The Bees Kill 1 Swarm Walker The Swarm Walker has a symbiotic hive of insects nestled in its abdomen, which attack and attempt to infect victims just as their host zombie would.
What's The Buzz? Kill 10 Swarm Walkers When a swarm gets close it will drain your STAMINA. Using WATER or a MED KIT will drive the swarm away.
Waggle Dance Kill 25 Swarm Walkers Swarm Walkers are weak to FIRE, SHOCK, and CAUSTIC damage. Killing one will disperse its swarm.
Hive Collapse Kill 50 Swarm Walkers K4.669:BZZZZZ?//APHAGE:BZZZZ!//SWARM:Bzzzzzzz...

Zombie Challenges[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Walk On By
Walk On By 1 Kill 50 Walkers
Walk On By 2 Kill 100 Walkers
Walk On By 3 Kill 1000 Walkers
Not The Bees
Not The Bees!! 1 Kill 10 Insect Swarm Walkers
Not The Bees!! 2 Kill 50 Insect Swarm Walkers
Not The Bees!! 3


  • The Insect Swarm Walker's Zompedia titles are all unique to the Insect Swarm Walker. Other zombies share the same Zompedia titles among each other.