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Infested apartment

The entrance to the Dead Zone

The Infested Apartment is a Dead Zone located in Henderson and featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It is one of the many dead zones scattered around the game and is found between the Quarantine Zone and the Fort of Henderson, just one block over from the shop where Rodrigo is found.


This dead zone is one of two dead zone variations found in Henderson. It involves a lot of going up and down stairs as well as tight corridors. You start in a double wide staircase down to a lower room which is behind a barred wall and double doors, like the front of a jail cell. From this room there's a doorway either side which has a staircase up to an upper walkway/corridor which has a small section barred so you can look over the doorway in and out of the dead zone. In the middle of this walkway is a double door, again barred, which shows the final upper room, which has the final lot of loot.


Because this dead zone is mostly just Walkers, exclusively if the special infected doesn't spawn, sonic pulse grenades are invaluable here to make moving through this dead zone rather painless. The stairway down from the entrance has two zombies playing dead, so they're easy to finish off. The room at the bottom has a host of Walkers, but a well placed sonic pulse grenade can kill most if not all of them in one go. A Wrestler will sometimes spawn here, however because it's bars and not a solid wall between you and it, if you have a Sniper Rifle of some kind, you can keep shooting it with impunity until it dies from the safety of the other side of the bars. After the zombies here are dead, heading up either of the staircases on the sides will lead you to the upper corridor. Again, a sonic pulse grenade here will kill most of the Walkers, allowing you to easily finish off any left standing. The final room in the centre is all that remains, so a final sonic pulse grenade will kill the rest of the Walkers. If the Wrestler spawns in this room, the previous strategy of shooting it from the other side of the bars with a sniper rifle will work. Once everything is dead in this room, you can loot it before heading to the exit. If you are lacking sonic pulse grenades, other throwables such as grenades, deo-bombs or even molotovs will work just as well, though molotovs are far slower due to requiring the residual fire to kill the zombies.

Infested Apartment
Named Boss None
Blueprints Meat Cutter Mod
Rare Modification Items Lightweight Frame, Titanium Pipe
Chests 3x common, 2x level 1
Workbench None
Other notes This location is inhabited exclusively by Walkers, who will gradually respawn as you spend time inside the location. A Wrestler will sometimes spawn here, but it's not guaranteed.


  • The Meat Cutter Mod is found here on a low table in the upper room.
  • Because this isn't a 'proper' dead zone and there's no boss to fight, there's not a lot of good loot, just whatever is in the metal chests and the Wrestler if it spawns. These metal chests are all common, so will only very rarely give out a decent weapon.
  • There's a few metal chests around, including one in the ground floor room, another in the left stairway, one in the upper hallway and one more in the room up the top.