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The Inferno Crusher is a variant of the Crusher and an Apex Zombie featured in Dead Island 2.


The Inferno Crusher behaves in a similar manner to a normal Crusher. When alerted they will slowly walk towards players and start throwing powerful punches. Furthermore, they are capable of perform an Overhead Smash with their fists to knock players back and inflict heavy damage. Unlike a normal Crusher, however, Inferno Crushers have mutated to not only withstand fire but to also channel high-voltage plasma during combat. This causes them to constantly be covered in flames which will inflict fire damage on contact with players. Should a player receive enough hits from them, they can be lit on fire and have their health rapidly drained.

Inferno Crushers are immune to fire damage, resistant to explosive damage, and weak against bleed damage. Like a regular Crusher, an Inferno Crusher's arms are its weakness. They can easily be severed to inflict massive damage and hinder their attacks. Due to their constant fire damage, melee attacks can prove ineffective unless their flames are extinguished. This can be done temporarily with water jerry cans or the Chem Bomb. It should also be noted that Inferno Crushers will become aggressive after several attacks, increasing the intensity of their attacks as well as their speed. This can be stopped by briefly backing off them and then reattacking after a short time.


Notable Inferno Crushers[]

  • Dillon - Named Inferno Crusher at Venice Beach.
  • Beach Hunk - Named Inferno Crusher on the beach next to the CDC HQ vehicle entrance at Santa Monica.
  • Amar Anand - found in Hollywood during the side quest "Going Viral"
  • Oscar - found in the Metro during the end of the side quest mission "The art of war"
  • Tj the lifeguard - named Inferno crusher found in the Lifeguard Hq in the Pier during the lost and found Missing: Shane
  • The Hunk - named Inferno Crusher found near Steve's house in Beverly Hills during the lost and found Missing: Steve
  • Pyrotechnic- named Inferno crusher found in Hollywood Boulevard near the chinese teatre during the side quest Beacon of hope
  • Raver - named Inferno Crusher found at the SoLA Main Stage suring the quest Saving Grace.
  • VCLA Freddie




Name Criteria Description
First Blood Kill 1 Inferno Crusher The Inferno Crusher can channel high-voltage plasma during combat, which causes FIRE damage. Repeated hits from this monster could IGNITE you!
Under The Skin Kill 5 Inferno Crushers You can extinguish an Inferno Cursher's flames with WATER or CHEM BOMBS. But be warned -- it's only temporary...
Sliced To The Bone Inferno Crushers are IMMUNE to FIRE and resist EXPLOSIVE damage. They are weak to BLEED damage.
Deep In The Guts Kill 30 Inferno Crushers Inferno Crushers can become very AGGRESSIVE when they feel targeted. If you briefly back off it may calm down a little.

Zombie Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Feeling The Burn
Feeling The Burn 1 Kill 10 Inferno Crushers
Feeling The Burn 2 Kill 25 Inferno Crushers
Feeling The Burn 3 Kill 50 Inferno Crushers