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For the zombie of the same name in the main titles, see Infected.

Some kind of fast friggin' Infected. Damn.
Cliff Calo's thoughts upon first seeing an Infected

Infected are a zombie encountered in Escape Dead Island. They are first seen in the Prologue, where Kilo 2 fights them, whilst Cliff Calo later finds them all across Narapela Island.


Much like their main game counterparts, Infected are zombies which have enhanced speed, capable of rapidly closing distance between themselves and their prey. Thankfully, they also retain their fragility, dying with just a few hits from a weapon. They are rarely found alone, and can easily swarm prey who underestimates them.


Infected seem to comprise entirely of ex-GeoPharm personnel, as they are only ever seen in GeoPharm scientist attire, being a white lab coat with a dark blue undershirt, grey pants, black belt and boots. They are also wearing a black baseball cap.


Infected will snarl and growl whilst patrolling the area around them, attempting to sniff out or hear prey trying to hide from them. Upon detecting prey, they will take off in a sprint directly towards their target, snarling and panting as they run. Upon reaching their victim, they will swipe and claw at them, attempting to either infect or kill them, and if their prey tries to escape, they will resume their sprint to chase after them.

Other Infected[]

  • Insanity Infected
  • Shadow Infected
    • Shadow Infected are Shadow Zombies made in Cliff's mind. They are a stronger version of the regular infected, having 118.75% more health then the regular infected and dealing more damage.


  • Infected will easily die to a couple of hits from a melee weapon, and can almost be one shot by the Lever Axe.
  • The Katana is useful for when there's a lot of them, as it has a quicker attack speed than the axes, at the cost of lower damage.
  • Killing them from afar with a Silenced Pistol or similar will prevent them from spotting you, even if it is a waste of Pistol Ammo to use it on a basic zombie type.
  • They will often die to one shot from the Shotgun.

Damage and Health[]

  • Infected have 16 HP.
  • Their attacks deal the following damage:
    • Quick hit = 2
    • Wind-up hit = 3
  • Shadow Infected have 35 HP.
  • Their attacks deal the following damage:
    • Quick hit = 4
    • Wind-up hit = 5
    • Bite = 4


  • Bouncers are a similar type of zombie to the Infected, however, they are far harder to kill and have more attacks, making them different to the Infected and a lot harder.
    • Bouncers also share similarities to the Butchers who are technically an infected that has mutated into a killing machine.
  • Taking a picture of the Infected with the Camera gives Snapshot 8.


  • The Infected in escape are sort of a hybrid of both a Walker and Infected. It shambles and acts like one at first, but once it has detected you it will charge over to you like an Infected does.