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In Cold Blood is a medium difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Mugambe in Dead Island.


Mugambe asks the Hero to put his wife and daughter out of their undead misery.


  • Talk to Mugambe to start the quest.
  • He'll tell you in a deep, sad voice that his wife and daughter failed to get out their apartment in time when he had to abandon it to the zombies. He knows they're still out there, wandering about with the undead. He wants you to find them and put them out of their misery.
  • Exit the Church, but don't follow the objective markers. Because Mugambe's house is deep in the city, it will direct you through Quarantine, which is a dangerous place. Instead, follow the route as you would to reach the Pump Station during the main quest Drowned Hope.
  • Head down the road from the armoured truck and take a right. Follow the road down, past the zombies, all the way to the end. Follow it round to the left and then right, past the merchant, and to the junction in front of the Police Station. Take another right at the Police Station, then follow it around to the left. Continue around to the right, then all the way down to the left before following down the slope to the alleyway leading to the Pump Station.
  • Instead of going down that alley, however, follow the road around to the left and go down it. Don't follow it for the next right, however, instead go past the barricade in front of you to reach a back street. This is where Mugambe's house is located.
  • Enter his house.
  • Upon entering, you'll be in a short corridor, follow it around and kill the zombies in the next corridor. There's two Infected and three Walkers. Kill them both then head to the end of the hall.
  • There's a locked door at the end which has the words 'Don't Open Dead Inside' written next to it in blood (or red paint, we hope). Break down the door and go into the apartment.
  • There's a bathroom to the right, but in front of you is the bedroom. Mugambe's Daughter is here and she's an Infected, while his wife is in the next room as a Walker. Take out the daughter first as she's faster before dealing with his wife.
  • Pay your respects to them before looting the room and heading back outside to Moresby.
  • You can either walk back or, as I suggest, make the short walk to the Pump Station and take the car to drive back to the Church.
  • Talk to Mugambe to finish the quest and get your reward.


  • You can easily start Stan Dart's side quest Grab All, Loose All as well as continue the side quest Radio Ga Ga, as they are literally just down the road from Mugambe's House.
  • You can find the Banoi Herald Excerpt 23 in the bathroom, behind the slightly open door to the right, sitting on top of a small table.
  • You can also find the Pick-and-ohm Mod resting on a countertop in the kitchen.
  • It's best to do this side quest in tandem with the Drowned Hope mission, since you'll be near the house once you arrive at the Pump Station. There's even the added bonus that you'll be able to complete Drop by Drop while heading back to the Church.

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