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The Impact Mod is a weapon mod featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. This mod adds Electrical Damage to a Blunt weapon. Critical hits with this mod will stun enemies momentarily while damaging them for a few seconds. The Impact Mod is exclusively available for blunt weapons. Though it causes an electrocution effect like the Lightning Mod, the real power of this mod is that is causes a struck enemy to go flying through the air on a critical hit. An enemy sent flying is often killed on impact. Even if the target is not killed, the player is given an opportunity to perform an instant stomp kill while the enemy is recovering. This can be very useful against enemies with a lot of health, such as Thugs.


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Have you ever prepared escalopes? Did you happen to pound the meat with an electrocution hammer? You will have the chance now, provided you manage to put together such a tool in the way I described in the instructions below. It works!
In Dead Island, the mod is received from Howard Craigson after completing the side quest, Last Chance on the Wall.
In Dead Island: Riptide, the mod is received from the first level of Harlow Jordan's Team Quest Jury-rigging for Harlow Jordan.
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Impact Mod



  • For some reason, in Riptide, nearly all the crafting materials are different to the original Dead Island. It's unknown exactly why they changed the materials needed.
  • When applied to the weapon, the name becomes 'Impact [WEAPON]', e.g. Impact Meat Mallet or Impact Heavy Wrench.