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ID cards are collectable items in Dead Island. There is an Achievement/Trophy for collecting all of them.


ID Cards Completed100% complete
ID Card Images100% complete
ID Card Descriptions100% complete
ID Card Locations100% complete


ID Cards With Video85% complete


    • Card #01 - In an open blue suitcase outside Bungalow 4. [Edit]
    • Card #02 - At the end of a long pier east of the Lifeguard Tower, in the beach bar hut, on ... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #03 - On the windowsill of a lifeguard stand on the shoreline. [Edit]
    • Card #04 - Located on the beach on the eastern coastline near the Silver bungalows. The ID ... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #05 - In a beachside bungalow just east of the Silver section. [Edit]
    • Card #06 - On the desk of the concert stage on the beach. [Edit]
    • Card #07 - On a stack of crates inside of the bunker where you escort Nikolai. [Edit]
    • Card #08 - At the bar in the Diamond beach area with its own little island. [Edit]
    • Card #09 - In one of the open huts in the Diamond Bungalows section, on the nightstand near... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #10 - In another one of the open huts in the Diamond section. [Edit]
    • Card #11 - Inside a Silver Bungalow just west of Silver Bungalow #14. [Edit]
    • Card #12 - Inside the bungalow where Kim and Anne are found. [Edit]
    • Card #13 - Hotel Bungalow #20, where Luke Craig is found. [Edit]
    • Card #14 - Lighthouse Gas Station, on the payment desk. [Edit]
    • Card #15 - Workshop down the road behind Lighthouse Gas Station. [Edit]
    • Card #16 - On the workshop's roof near the northern coast; the roof has a zombie up there. [Edit]
    • Card #17 - Inside the workshop near the northern coast, on the table. [Edit]
    • Card #18 - Inside open luggage outside hotel main entrance area. [Edit]
    • Card #19 - Inside bar storage room of the poolside bar, need key by dead bartender on bar. [Edit]
    • Card #20 - Southeast below ground bathroom near the largest pool. [Edit]
    • Card #21 - Bungalow 15, where Anne's teddy bear is found. [Edit]
    • Card #22 - Bungalow 14, need key from ground near the hotel's front door [Edit]
    • Card #23 - Located in Bungalow 10 in the Hotel Bungalows area. After rescuing [[Steve S... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #24 - Roof of the Tunnel Gas Station shop on the side overlooking the gas pumps. Compl... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #25 - On the road to the second gas station you'll pass two police cars and a truck. C... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #26 - On the first desk in the hotel's server room. There is a tattoo shop poster abov... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #27 - Inside the hotel, In the meatlocker of the Kitchen, past the elevator shaft. [Edit]
    • Card #28 - Inside the hotel, in hallway right after you jump down on the elevator. [Edit]
    • Card #29 - Inside the hotel, on a shelf just after the showers. [Edit]
    • Card #30 - Inside the hotel, on a couch just inside the lobby area you first enter. [Edit]
    • Card #31 - North of where Joseph crosses the river during the Way of Salvation quest. In an... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #32 - Inside the pier warehouse in the south part of Moresby where Vang Chi's kidnappe... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #33 - On a small porch just west of the third loudspeaker switch during the quest The ... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #34 - It's in the broken bridge in the west part of Moresby, just before you leave the... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #35 - It's on the counter inside the gas station located in the center of Moresby. Sou... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #36 - It's on the wooden deck between the front door of the Nick's Hub safehouse a... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #37 - It's on a table located on a rooftop, next to the 1st loudspeaker of the The Sec... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #38 - It's on the counter inside the shop where the picture of Jack's daughter is foun... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #39 - It's on a table next to the 1st hydrant that you have to close during the Drop b... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #40 - It's on a mattress in the Rooftop area within the quarantine zone. Not far east ... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #41 - It's on a counter inside Nikolai's restaurant, Café Kiev, from the A... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #42 - It's on a mattress in an alley, a little to the east of the Warehouse safehouse. [Edit]
    • Card #43 - It's on the floor, in front of the Alicia Jacobs house. Northeast of the Warehou... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #44 - It's on a table located in the southeast of the Saint Christopher's Church. [Edit]
    • Card #45 - On the sidewalk near a fruit stand and fold-up chair in the open market area. Ri... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #46 - It's on a desk in the pump control room, where you cut the water flow for the Le... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #47 - After getting the ID Card 48 keep advancing until you reach a big room with 2 do... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #48 - In your first visit to the Sewers, follow the path to the Town Hall until you fi... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #49 - In your path from the Town Hall to the Supermarket. It's on a toolbox up a ladde... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #50 - In the Town Hall after the attack. It's on a notice board next to a workbench, n... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #51 - In the Town Hall after returning from the Supermarket, go upstairs. You will fin... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #52 - In the Town Hall after the attack. After getting the Universal Key from the infe... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #53 - It is located in an office in the back of the Supermarket stockroom. After going... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #54 - It's on the information desk in the Supermarket main room. [Edit]
    • Card #55 - It's on a desk in a room after encountering the first punks in the Police Statio... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #56 - It's on the floor of the cell where Bill's corpse is found in the Police Station... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #57 - Police Station, it's on a desk in a cubicle in the large room previous to the on... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #58 - It's on a small table in the bathroom inside the Nick's Hub safehouse. [Edit]
    • Card #59 - It's in Stan Dart's house during the Grasp All, Lose All quest. Next to a bed, i... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #60 - Inside the building where Kwan's brother Cho is found during the Blood Ties ques... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #61 - Overpass Camp, southmost building in area [Edit]
    • Card #62 - In a Bunker near the starting town. In the upper floor, near a questgiver named ... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #63 - In Mowen's Hut, on a table near him. [Edit]
    • Card #64 - In Vargas's hideout in the jungle. Both Death Wish and Spy Game bring you here. [Edit]
    • Card #65 - It's on a box, in the bus from Afran's hideout [[Smugglers' Den|villag... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #66 - Inside the shack on the pier near the jungle village. Look for it on the table b... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #67 - In the Jungle area (Act 3), on a seat in the middle part of the upper floor of t... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #68 - Inside Carter's (guy giving you Death Wish sidequest) shack. [Edit]
    • Card #69 - Inside Jason's shack in the jungle, due south from the northern camp. [Edit]
    • Card #70 - In the village called Jungle village in westmost hut. [Edit]
    • Card #71 - In Jungle Village, the hut where Amanda's camera is fou... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #72 - Overpass Camp, in the eastmost building, the pub, on a table behind the bar next... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #73 - Overpass Camp, inside the locked warehouse. To get the key, the player needs to ... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #74 - It's in the laboratory building, on a desk in the room with Nguyen and Monroe. T... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #75 - On the walkway near the warehouse where you have to pick up the fuses for the Po... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #76 - It's on a table in the warehouse next to the lab, where you have to enter during... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #77 - On a desk, in the building where you have to pick the tissue samples during the ... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #78 - In the bathroom of the building where you have to enter for the quest No Sign of... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #79 - In a collapsed bungalow in the edge of the cliff, where you must find a scientis... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #80 - It's on the armchair in the first building of the quest The Dead Don't Eat Crack... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #81 - It's on a table in the second building of the quest The Dead Don't Eat Crackers.... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #82 - It's on the floor next to a closed door, in the building near the boat in Labora... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #83 - Near the Laboratory, in the food storage warehouse you must clear for the quest ... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #84 - When you walk out of the lab, in front of the green car, theres a dead body, nex... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #85 - On the road to the laboratory, inside of a crashed car. [Edit]
    • Card #86 - On the ground next to a workbench in the Prison Basement. Accessible during the ... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #87 - It's on the top of a shelf, next to the corpse of a dead guard, in the [[Block Z... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #88 - It's on a desk in the medical supplies room, during the quest Full Metal Jacket. [Edit]
    • Card #89 - Just before leaving the sewers, during the Devil's Labyrinth quest, go to the le... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #90 - On the ground behind a Thug shortly after leaving the laundry room in the Prison... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #91 - During the Quest Chasing the White Rabbit you will come across a stairway, take ... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #92 - On the ground next to a dead guard under the stairs in the Prison Basement. Shor... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #93 - It's on a desk in the left side room, after you find the workbench, during the C... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #94 - During the Full Metal Jacket quest, when Kevin is trying to unlock the armory do... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #95 - In the room unlocked by a Thug before attacking you. [Edit]
    • Card #96 - It's on a table in the kitchen, next to an open oven. I... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #97 - It's on top of a console, in one of the first rooms from the prison basement, du... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #98 - On the ground after encountering the Floater in the Prison Sewers. [Edit]
    • Card #99 - After climbing out of the sewers during the Devil's Labyrinth quest and arriving... (more) [Edit]
    • Card #100 - In a room on the second floor of the Prison Hospital on top of a gurney. [Edit]