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ID Card #82 is a collectible item in Dead Island. It is part of the My collectibles, let me show you them! challenge, and the Gotta find'em all and Nearly there achievements. It can be found in the Laboratory map of Act III.

It's on the floor next to a closed door, in the building near the boat in Laboratory area, take stairs all way up.
Can be seen on the following map:

Laboratory Map
Tapere08 small icon
Tapere09 small icon
Journal33 small icon
Journal34 small icon
Journal35 small icon
Journal36 small icon
Journal37 small icon
Journal40 small icon
Idcard074 small icon
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Tape Recordings
Tapere08 small iconTape Recording #08
Tapere09 small iconTape Recording #09
Banoi Herald Excerpts
Journal33 small iconExcerpt #33
Journal34 small iconExcerpt #34
Journal35 small iconExcerpt #35
Journal36 small iconExcerpt #36
Journal37 small iconExcerpt #37
Journal40 small iconExcerpt #40
ID Cards
Idcard074 small iconID Card #74
Idcard075 small iconID Card #75
Idcard076 small iconID Card #76
Idcard077 small iconID Card #77
Idcard078 small iconID Card #78
Idcard079 small iconID Card #79
Idcard080 small iconID Card #80
Idcard081 small iconID Card #81
Idcard082 small iconID Card #82
Idcard083 small iconID Card #83
Idcard084 small iconID Card #84
Idcard085 small iconID Card #85


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