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The Hoyahoya Bar

The Hoyahoya Bar is a location featured in Dead Island: Riptide in the Flooded jungle. It was probably both a vehicle rest stop for travellers, as well as a bar to serve drinks and food to customers staying in the jungle, similar to the nearby Zimakani Rest.


The bar is located right next to the road, which passes through the middle of the location. Heading towards the Zimakani Rest, the bar is on the right while a bus stop and outhouse is on the left. The outhouse serves as the toilet for the bar, as there is not one built into the building. It is relatively far away from the main building, having to cross over the road and past the bus stop to reach it. There's various travel bags which have been abandoned by the stop, as well as a few crates which have some healing items in them.

The bar building is built in the same way as the other buildings in the jungle, being made from wood as a bungalow building and placed on stilts in case of flooding. There are a few different stairs to get onto the decking of the bar and to enter the building itself. Outside there are some tables and chairs for outside seating, some of which have parasols for shade from the tropical sun. Inside the bar there is the main bar itself, where customers could order drinks and possibly food from. There's some shelves for the alcohol to sit on behind the bar while a few chairs and tables are inside the bar for some interior seating.


  • There's a bus stop opposite the bar, meaning that it was part of a bus route before the outbreak.
  • There's a body humorously sitting in the outhouse with a newspaper next to it and if you get too close to it, it will jump at you and try to grab you.
  • There's a metal chest inside the bar itself to loot.
  • The interior of the bar is in the same layout as other similar buildings such as the one in the Paradise Survival Camp.