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House of Science is a hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Dr. West in Dead Island.


Upon finding him, Dr. West first takes a blood sample from the Hero to learn about their apparent immunity to the virus. While waiting for test results, the Hero must must help out around the lab.


  • Talk to Dr. West to start the quest.
  • He'll talk about what he does and what they're doing here. He'll also explain that they're now frantically trying to research a cure, and by taking a sample of the heroes' blood, it could help them find one. After taking the sample, he asks you to help out the other scientists around the lab while the results are analysed.
  • Only two scientists must be helped for this to be accomplished. See their dedicated quest pages for walkthroughs and tips.
    • Bob gives you the side quest Rats in the Lab to clear out the rest of the lab, which is the easier of the two quest.
    • Will gives you the side quest Power Slaves to go fix the power.
  • After you've finished those two side quests, head back to Dr. West and talk to him to finish the quest.


  • Completing any other lab related side quests will not advance this quest. It must be the two listed here.