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House of God is a hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Harlow in Dead Island: Riptide.


The Hero must go to the Santa Maria Mission and secure it, ready for the group to move to. It contains the entrance to the Tunnels which is the final option to reach Henderson.


  • The quest will automatically start once Kessler's dialogue is completed.
  • Once it's done, the Hero will automatically talk to Harlow via radio, starting the quest.
  • After discussing what's just happened, she will instruct the Hero to head into the jungle and clear out the Santa Maria Mission where the entrance to the Tunnels is located.
  • Head out the Lab and make your way to the Mission. There are several ways to do this.
  • Either you can head out of the Lab and run to a small cove where a boat is located. You can drive the boat to the Mission.
  • Otherwise you can fast travel using the fast travel map outside the Lab foyer to travel to Mataka Village and wade through the waterways to the Mission. This is the slow but safer method, as Drowners will be attracted to the boat engine.
  • Either way, when you reach the Mission, you'll need to secure it by killing all the zombies located within the building itself and the surrounding grounds.
  • Upon the fall of the last zombie, the Hero will radio the Harlow and a cutscene will play which shows the group arriving via boat.
  • When the cutscene is concluded, the gang will be at their locations with in the Mission and the player can get their reward from Harlow.
  • Talk to Trevor to activate the next quest Pump Action.


  • Upon exiting the lab, you can run down the road and take the first path on your right. A boat is located at the bottom of it which you can use to easily navigate the waterways.
  • There will be a lot of zombies milling around in the Mission grounds when you arrive, some of which will be bunched up in groups. If you're quick, you can throw an explosive like a deo-bomb or grenade to take a few of them out in one go before they spot you.
  • There's a large, named, special infected which resembles a taller and larger Infected with similar health to a Thug. Make sure to focus it where possible and kill it as soon as you can, to save yourself some headache.