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For the bungalow involved in the side quest Too Much Sugar, see Bungalow 14.


Hotel Bungalow 14 is a location featured in Dead Island. It is located in the Silver Bungalows district near the Hotel in the Resort area. It is an abandoned bungalow near the Resort, whos unfortunate occupant was killed up against the doors to the Hotel. The Hero can loot the bungalow after acquiring the keycard from the body. After this, the bungalow is left abandoned again.


Like all bungalows in the Resort, this bungalow follows the same design. It is made of wood, with a thatched roof and wooden doors, plus some window cutouts. It's got a double doors entrance to the living room, plus two side entrances. It's an intact bungalow, with no damaged doors or windows, which is surprising considering most of the other bungalows in the area.

Inside the bungalow it has the same layout as the rest, with three rooms; the bedroom, the living room and a bathroom. The living room is a standard layout, with a sofa, a desk and chair as well as some other assorted furniture. The bedroom has a single bed, some cabinets and wardrobes as well as an open suitcase on the bed which has some wallets of cash in it. There's the small corridor leading to the other door as well as the bathroom, which has an open toolbox with assorted basic weapons in it. As the bungalow was locked, the inside is spotless, with no blood, bodies or signs of struggle.


  • You can find a metal chest on the outside of the bungalow.
  • There's a safe inside the living room of the bungalow.
  • You can find ID Card #22 next to the suitcase on the bed.
  • The bungalow will be locked until you find the keycard to start its related side quest Gold Digger.