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The Homestrike is a melee weapon that was to be featured in the scrapped Dead Island 2 (2014). It's unknown how the Homestrike would have been obtained, but it's possible that it could have been given out as a Quest reward or sold by a limited number of Merchants, or obtained from Metal chests. It's a baseball bat with a large bowling ball chained around the end with incredibly high damage, able to send zombies at an increasing height.


From the sole image released of the Homestrike, by its appearance it looked like a possible baseball bat, or some other pole, with a bowling ball attached to the end, which was then wrapped in chains. Because of its looks, it was likely a two handed blunt weapon with extremely high force and possibly very high damage as well, likely taking a lot of stamina to wield. It was most likely an excellent weapon to take on tougher enemies such as Thugs, or maybe hordes of Walkers, but because it probably had very poor handling characteristics, with a similar swing speed and arc to a Sledgehammer, it was likely not very viable to use against either lone Walkers or fast Infected, where the slow swing speed would leave you vulnerable to being hit should you miss your swing.


It's unknown if the Homestrike was a mod-able or modified weapon, however based on it's appearance, it's likely that it would not support any additional mods.


Whilst no other variants were officially revealed, prior to the website removing all information on the old build of Dead Island 2, a golden Homestrike was known about, which is the image displayed here. As such, we can assume that there were at least 2 variants:

  • Homestrike
  • Golden Homestrike


  • Like all the weapons know about for the scrapped Dead Island 2, the weapon was revealed on the Dead Island website.
  • This weapon was also notably mentioned by Daniel Nordlander, a Game Designer at YAGER, in an interview with IGN while commentating over the Gameplay Demo at Gamescom 2014.
  • The Golden Homestrike was originally supposed to be featured as a pre-order bonus in the cancelled "Golden State Weapon Pack" alongside a Golden Grinder and a Golden Katana.
  • The Mace in the official released Dead Island 2 bears a remarkable resemblance to the Homestrike, though this is likely a coincidence.