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The Homerun Baseball Bat is a developer's craft weapon blueprint featured in Dead Island. This Developer's Craft must be unlocked via the coloured Skulls found across the game.


Like all other dev craft mods, the Homerun Baseball Bat is an extremely powerful weapon that has both upsides and downsides. On the one hand, it has a 100% chance of getting the impact effect critical hit when it hits the target. This somewhat makes up for its very low damage as the impact effect will send a basic zombie such as a Walker off at high speed, often into a wall where the physics impact will kill it outright. Even if it doesn't die, it will be on low health and on the floor where a headstomp or a couple of kicks will finish it off. This is also true of even some of the tougher enemies such as Thugs who will suffer the same fate. However, this power doesn't come without some sort of downside and with all the dev weapons, this downside is the high initial crafting cost and high maintenance cost alongside the low durability of the weapon. Sam B is the best character to wield this weapon as he has several skills that will increase the durability of the weapon due to it being a blunt weapon, but even so it's costly to use this weapon full time. Also, if the enemy hit fails to make contact with an object, the extremely low base damage of the weapon means it will cause very little impact to the enemy's health.


Like all dev weapons, the weapon has no applicable weapon mods, though it must be crafted through a blueprint:


  • Like all dev craft weapons, it can't be found in the world and must be crafted at a workbench.
  • Also like all the dev craft weapons, when crafted the weapon is of grey Item Rarity and capped at level 1.
  • Visually, it is similar to a Baseball Bat with an Impact Mod applied.
  • Out of all the Developer's Craft weapons, the Homerun Baseball Bat has the highest durability at a base of 44.


  • The Homerun Bat is the bat from Super Smash Bros. franchise which, upon successfully hitting a player, will catapult them with a lot of force, dealing a lot of damage.