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Become the grill master, as you simultaneously butcher and BBQ zombies with Long Piglet's Hog Roaster.
— In-game description

The Hog Roaster is a variant of the Axe and a type of Maiming Sharp weapon featured in Dead Island 2. It is introduced in the Haus DLC. The Hog Roaster is located on the kitchen table in the Diner inside The Forest. The Hog Roaster always spawns as a rare axe with a fixed Sizzler perk, Rare Melee Cremator Mod and an unique design.


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The Hog Roaster comes pre-modded with a fixed mod which cannot be removed or changed.


The Hog Roaster always spawns with a fixed Sizzler perk. Additionally two of the following perks can also be applied:



  • The Hog Roaster mace cannot be scrapped or sold.
  • The rotating pig on the Hog Roaster will occasionally make pig noises.