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Heroes and Villains is a medium difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Vang Chi in Dead Island. The quest is not available until the Hero reaches Chapter 6 of Act II.


The Hero must rescue Vang Chi's daughter Amber from her captors.


  • You'll hear Vang crying for help in front of an alleyway.
  • Follow him down his alleyway. You can see where this is going, so prepare a weapon and be ready to defend yourself.
  • When you reach the end of the alleyway, which is a dead end, Vang will apologize and you'll suddenly be attacked by a load of punks armed with melee weapons.
  • Fight them all off, as they'll jump over the walls to reach you. After killing some of them, more of them will break out of a house in front of you, so don't let up yet.
  • When they're all dead, talk to Vang.
  • He'll apologize profusely and beg you not to kill him. He'll quickly blurt out that the gang has his daughter and threatened to harm her if he didn't play along. They're in a warehouse near the water and he begs you to help him get her back.
  • Head over to the warehouse where you collect Mowen's package during the main quest Boat Supplies.
  • If you're in a car at this time, you can follow the waypoints on the minimap to drive over to it. If you're on foot, take care as Moresby is a dangerous city.
  • When you reach the warehouse, you'll see the road in and a warehouse off to the left behind a fence. That's the warehouse you want.
  • Ready a firearm if you have one, as the warehouse is full of punks. If not, ready a good melee weapon.
  • Go into the warehouse to start the attack. The punks outside will start shooting while around 3-4 melee punks will break out from the door.
  • Make your way through the shipping containers out front for cover and kill the melee punks first, then kill the gun punks after. Grab the best pistol if you don't already have one.
  • Once they're all dead and you have healed up, go though the warehouse door and start to fight the punks inside.
  • Make your way through to the back to find a locked door on your left. It's in here that Amber is located.
  • Break down the door and immediately take cover, as there's the final two punks inside here. Kill them and you'll see Amber through a window.
  • Shoot the keypad next to the door to unlock it. You can't get in otherwise.
  • Talk to Amber inside and she'll thank you for rescuing her. She'll then tell you that she'll go find her father. This will then end the quest.


  • Vang Chi can only be found after completing the main quest Drop by Drop.
  • There is an ID Card available in the storage warehouse from which you rescue Amber Chi.
  • I highly recommend completing this quest before you get to the Boat Supplies main quest. The added undead in the city and the area will make things overall more difficult. Also, there is a significant amount of healing in the kidnappers' base. With it cleaned out and the supplies respawned (no foes will be present) it will be easy to heal up if there's any trouble (such as with the Ram on the corner).
  • Having a gun for when you reach Vang in the alley will be very useful, as melee humans are the most dangerous melee opponents in the game due to them dodging your melee swings and dealing a lot of damage in return. A gun can headshot them for a quick kill.
  • There's some energy drinks scattered around the outside of the warehouse with the shipping containers if you need to heal up.
  • There's propane tanks inside the warehouse that you can use to explode the punks.
  • If you go to the left immediately after entering the warehouse, you'll find a ladder up to a metal walkway. This will give you some great elevation to kill the punks easily, as you can get past their cover.
  • If you return to the warehouse after killing all the punks, there'll be a lot more zombies outside the gate than before. This is likely because without the punks there to kill them, the zombies can be there undisturbed.


  • The name of this quest could be a reference to the a song by The Beach Boys with the same name. Or, it could just be reference to the typical phrase, heroes and villains.
  • The punks who ambush you in the alley have an unusual amount of health, at the least taking 2-3 hits to die from a fully upgraded fury.