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Dir-henderson clean

Henderson before the outbreak.

Henderson is a city on the island of Palanai featured in Dead Island: Riptide. Unlike Moresby on Banoi Island, Henderson is a luxury city for the wealthy, themed after Mediterranean port towns. The city is a hot spot for tourists and also has a military base near the city. But after the monsoon hit, most of the city became submerged underwater, and to make matters worse, Frank Serpo saw this disaster as a chance to understand the lethality and infectivity of Charon's new mutant strain of the Kuru virus and released it in the most populated area of Henderson. As the military responded quickly and set up a quarantine zone, they still could not control the spreading of the virus and soon the base became overran - as did the rest of the island. With no other choices remaining, the military ended up abandoning Henderson and Palanai.

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  • As seen in an early screenshot of the game, there were plans to implement a day and night cycle in the city (as well as everywhere else in the game). This concept was ultimately cut due to time constraints.