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The helicopter wreck in the clearing

The Helicopter Wreck is a location in the Flooded jungle and featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It is located in the north west corner of the jungle, not far from the Jimmy O'Neill's Cave Dead Zone. The Heroes are sent here by Samuel Hardy to search for some Miniguns that the crashed helicopter may have in the main quest Heavy Equipment.


The wreck itself is in a natural crater, with several pools of water. There are several caves leading to the wreck site which has various plant life and trees adorning the area. A natural ramp leads up from the wreck while vines can be climbed to gain access from the waterways or caves. At the top of the natural ramp is a cave system leading to several clearings as well as another access to the waterways. One clearing leads to a large campsite where a military drop has landed while the other clearing is a small campsite with an isolated tent. The waterways give good access to the crash site, allowing for multiple avenues with which to return to the site.


  • Two Metal chests can be found with the helicopter.
  • Two Floaters are at the crash site itself, one in each water pool at the nose of the helicopter.
  • After quitting the game and loading back in after completing the main quest Heavy Equipment, if you return to the helicopter you will find the two miniguns back in their mountings but not interractible. It's unknown why they reappear as the two miniguns remain with the group.
  • The helicopter also has the same identification as Frank Serpos chopper which crashes at The Fort of Henderson during the main quest The Crash, with the identification H-37 and serial number 0-13604.
  • Miya can be found at the large campsite accessible from the caves from the waterways, giving out her chain of side quests.
  • Angela Guerra Recording Part 3 can be found at said campsite.
  • There's also a workbench here if your weapons are in need of repairs, as well as a load of Duffle Bags scattered around for cash/mod items.
  • A Motorboat can be found moored up next to the main cave entrance.