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Heavenly Gift is an easy difficulty side quest given to the Heroes by Chimamanda in Dead Island: Riptide.


Search the shipwreck for any useful supplies.


  • Talk to Chimamanda to start the quest.
  • She wants you to check the beach for any useful supplies that might have washed up from the wreck of the ship.
  • If you are starting this quest from later on in the game for whatever reason, fast travel to Paradise Survival Camp, as the beach is not far from it. However, you should really complete this quest early on in the game.
  • Exit the camp via the bridge you blew up with the flare gun during the main quest Back to Reality.
  • Head all the way back down the path to the stairs you took to reach it from the beach. Go down the stairs and ramp to reach the beach.
  • Unlike when you first on the beach, there's now a mixture of Walkers and Infected on the beach, so it's not all smooth sailing this time. Luckily for you, three green search circles appear on the map and minimap, giving you an indication of where the supplies are.
  • The first supplies are located at the end of the pier in front of the shack at the foot of the ramp leading to the beach. Fight off the zombies here and look for an open wooden crate in the surf. There's a load of canned food wrapped up. Pick it up and move on. Don't worry, it goes into your inventory, so you don't need to carry it. This is the same for the other supplies in this quest.
  • Head further down the beach, under the stone natural archway and kill any zombies around to make the area safe.
  • Not far from the archway is some rocks. Tucked behind one is another open wooden crate. This has a smaller wooden crate with bandages in it. Collect the bandages and proceed down the beach.
  • The final load of supplies are amongst the rocks at the far end of the beach, in front of the dead zone. Search for the final open crate to find some bottled water. Collect it for the final load of supplies.
  • Now turn around and run back to camp. The zombies may have respawned, so be wary as you get back to Paradise.
  • Once there, find Chimamanda. If you're completing this after leaving Paradise, fast travel to where the group is currently and talk to Chimamanda to hand over the supplies and finish the quest.